10 birthday Prayers for a devoted friend and loved one

I saw this birthday prayer video today, its hilarious though but i thought i should let you enjoy it. Its a serious Birthday Prayer for people celebrating their Birthday. What better way to celebrate this special day if not with a humorous prayer from a Man of God. I made a list of birthday prayers below the video.

Birthday Prayer For You

birthday Prayers for a devoted friend and loved one

The following short birthday prayers can be sent to your devoted friend or lover. Any of these prayers can serve as a birthday prayer for a daughter, friend, brother, uncle, mentor, mentee, father, mother and colleague.
Feel free to send any of these prayers when someone closest to you is celebrating his or her birthday. Don’t forget to send them best wishes when they are celebrating their birthdays, it shows that you love and appreciate them in your life.

Remember you can also design a card for your friends on their birthdays. There are lots of resources online for free birthday cards. They are extremely easy to use and customize. Your friend will feel so special if they get a card from you on this special of their life. Here is an interesting image relating to Birthday called English birthday greeting.

English birthday greeting


an image of Birthday English birthday greeting
“English birthday greeting English birthday greeting”


  • Wow! Today is your birthday. It comes once in a year. I pray for you today that the Good Lord will prosper you beyond your wildest imagination, and give you more reasons to keep chanting alleluia both now and always. The eyes of the evil one will never see you because you are God’s chosen. Happiest birthday and make sure you enjoy.
  •  You are one of the wonders of God’s creatures. God did not make a mistake by creating you- creating you was one of the best things He has done for humanity. May today and all the days of your life be filled with the wonders of His abundant love, Amen.
  • Today is the long-awaited birthday. It is a day of great joy, happiness and love. May God abide with you, and give you more reasons to smile. Untimely death will never see you. You will keep moving from glory to glory. May Peace from above be with you now and always, Amen.
  • Today is your birthday, I have been thinking about you since today. I really thank God for all the good things He bestowed upon you. He gave you an amazing life, and an abiding peace. This makes you special. May He continue to keep in touch with you, and make you exceptional in all that concerns you.
  • One of the greatest things God gave us was the gift of your person; our lives have been truly blessed and exceedingly because of you. You are simply unique and amazing. We are happy for you as you witness yet another birthday. With great joy in our hearts, we wish you God’s abundant Blessings, anointing and breakthroughs both now and always. You will find millions of reasons to keep smiling. Keep smiling; it is the music of the heart.
  • Out of nothing God created you, and made you to be something both for Him and for the human race. We are happy to share humanity with you. It is always a great joy knowing that someone is there for you. We are happy to part of your history; you have been a great blessing to us. We pray God to keep prospering you and safeguard you from the eyes of the evil people. You are created to make a difference and you will keep affecting lives positively as you have always desired. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to a devoted friend, a beacon of hope, an inspiration, a paragon of excellence, and a person of noble character. It is our pleasure to be associated with you. We appreciate everything you have been to us. We celebrate you today. Kindly accept our sincere love and appreciation as we enjoin your numerous fans all over to chant a birthday wishes for you.
  • Heavenly father bless my friend and beloved reading this birthday message from me. I am so happy that you blessed him with an amazing and unique life. I earnestly beg you to bless him with long life and prosperity. May he continue to grow in grace, peace and love, Amen.
  • Gracious God, thank you for granting my beloved the grace to witness yet another year. May you continue to brighten his future. Fill him with more wisdom and creative intelligence and grant him the financial abundance to handle all the problems that will ever confront him in life, all these we ask of you through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
  • Oh Lord and God, watch over my devoted friend who is celebrating his birthday today. Strengthen him with power, abundance of love and success. He believes and trust in you, never allow him to be defeated. Watch over his plans and actions and may they find favour in your sight. The birth of your dearly beloved son gave abounding joy to His Parents; Joseph and Mary. We return thanks to you for the birth of this your wonderful child whom we are celebrating happily today.
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