How To Send Voice Sms

Understanding how it works

Voice SMS is one of the easiest and most effective way of sending a pre- recorded message to another mobile user which can be retrieved at the user’s convenience. VoiceSMS is similar to SMS text message. But the difference is clear; the former sends out pre-recorded calls and is much easier to use.

voice sms is quite different from robocalls. Robo call operates with the same technology as voice-sms but robo calls are terminated on the reciepient ‘s phone as live calls unlike voice sms that terminates as a text message. If you are looking at getting started with either of the services, you can visit our main portal for a free account.

Here is How To Send Voice Sms; you don’t need to compose any message. All you need to do is just to talk, record it and then send to the receiver. If you receive a voicesms from someone, you will first of all get a text message on your mobile phone telling you that you receive an SMS, and it will tell you where to click so that you can listen to the message.

Once you click there, you will receive a human voice which will convey the message to you. In some mobile phones, the message will tell you to dial a particular number to listen to the voice recording. For instance, it can tell you to press ‘0’ to listen to the recording. After listening to it, the message will not delete, it will be stored on your phone memory as a normal text message, at any point in time you can go back and listen to it again even if you don’t have an internet subscription on your phone.


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“Voice Sms Voice Sms”

Advantages of Voice SMS

There are so many advantages of voice SMS over standard text messages. Below are some of them:

  • Voice SMS can be sent in any language such as English, Hebrew, Greek, French, Latin, German, Kanji, or any widely used language. Most text messages cannot be sent in languages like Greek, Hebrew and French. Most of their alphabets are not available in mobile phones.
  • It can be sent to people who are illiterate; all they need to do is to click and listen to the message or they call someone nearby to open the message for them and listen.
  •  It is really the ideal solution, when there is a need to communicate and the other party is not nearby, or when the other party is in a noisy environment, in a meeting or is likely to be asleep.
  • It is a perfect way of initiating a non-real time conversation or a formidable way of giving your recipient useful information.
  • It provide strong emotions and in-depth understanding than just ordinary text message.
  • Just like text messages, voice SMS can be sent to multiple users at the same time.
  • Voice SMS can be sent as low as N3 or low to several users
  • As a pre-recorded audio, Voice SMS can be sent to any landline or mobile numbers anywhere in the world
  • Voice SMS is effectively customizable
  • It delivers your messages instantly
  • Voice SMS add a human feeling or sympathy to your message
  • Just like text messages, voice SMS can be scheduled at predefined date and time.
  • Voice SMS is very helpful to marketers or to those promoting their products; this means that you can record a message about your business and send it to hundreds of potential buyers. Some communication outfits and high profile organizations use it to drive traffic to their companies.

Below is a video i found on youtube on how to use Voice Sms and how it works. If you are a dull reader or you don’t understand the explanation i gave above, then take your time to watch this video. I hope it helps your understanding of what voice sms is all about.

How to use Voice SMS

“A demo video on how to send an VoiceSMS instead of sending a normal sms. You can find the full app presentation at”

Other useful information

Mobile phone users can enhance their businesses with Voice SMS; through voice SMS, it will be possible to share your information to clients, your friends, customer or any other group.

It is an ideal way of telling your recipient how you feel about a particular situation or event. It is inexpensive way of sending your message or staying in touch with your family, friends and well-wishers.

Communication between people can be made easy mainly by voice communication or messaging. One good thing about voice technology is that you may not be able to dictate the voice.

Voice SMS has exploded in recent times, people now uses it as a model means of communication. Text message on its own part takes time to type the message, and it doesn’t carry strong emotions. If you haven’t tried using voice SMS, kindly use it today, you will never regret doing so.

 In fact, most people prefer to go with it than just using text message. If you use it today, you will never see any reason to keep texting people. VoiceSMS Technology remains a formidable and most effective way of communicating with others.


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